Co-Parenting? But We Hate Each Other!

What is co-parenting, how does it work, and how do people do it who can’t stand the sight of each other after a nasty divorce?  Co-parenting is when both parents share in the responsibilities of raising their children after a divorce, including parenting time, decision making, financial contributions and more.  In Tennessee, the judge must maximize each … Continue reading Co-Parenting? But We Hate Each Other!

Family Law FAQ

Q: How does a court split up property in a divorce? A: Tennessee courts look at a number of factors in determining property division. Property that the parties have obtained since the marriage is usually considered marital property, with some exceptions, like property that has been inherited. Property owned before the marriage is generally considered … Continue reading Family Law FAQ

Division of Marital Property

Dividing the marital estate, particularly after a lengthy marriage, can be easy, complicated, or somewhere in between, depending on each client’s particular circumstances.  In Tennessee, the courts determine property division based on the principal of “equity”, or what is fair.  Equity does not necessarily mean equal, especially if one spouse has a higher earning capacity … Continue reading Division of Marital Property