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Fearless Freedom:  A Divorced Lawyer’s Guide to Divorce

What if you could transform divorce into a stepping stone
toward a brighter, more fulfilling future?

Step Into Fearless Freedom

Anne Hamer is a seasoned divorce attorney who has navigated the
legal complexities and the emotional turbulence of divorce firsthand.

Anne Hamer and book Fearless Freedom

With her unique blend of professional expertise and personal triumph, Anne delivers a no-nonsense, compassionate, and powerful guide for anyone on this life-altering journey.


Through the Divorce Journey

Fearless Freedom isn’t just a divorce guide; it’s an unwavering ally through a tumultuous season of life, a touchstone to keep you focused and on track. Anne’s warmth & wisdom set the stage to reclaim and retain control over your future.

Are you ready?

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“Anne has left absolutely no stone unturned in this amazing guide through the complicated and difficult divorce process. I recommend this book not only to people on the verge of going through a divorce, but also to divorce practitioners. Not only is Anne an excellent lawyer, but she has the knowledge and compassion to guide the process as smoothly as possible for her client. I plan on recommending this book to all my clients.”

– Rose Palermo, JD, Cheatham, Palermo & Garrett


of Fearless Freedom

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Redefining Divorce

Challenge societal misconceptions as Fearless Freedom confronts the negative stigma surrounding divorce. Learn how to rise above judgment and foster empathy and support throughout the process.

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Empowerment through Knowledge

Gain clarity and confidence in your decisions. Explore crucial topics, from selecting the right lawyer to understanding property division, alimony, and effective parenting plans.

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Healing with Resilience

Navigate the emotional rollercoaster of divorce with grace. Uncover healthy coping skills, the significance of therapy, and the art of setting emotional boundaries.

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Digital Age Navigation

Delve into the intricacies of maintaining privacy in the digital era and understanding the potential risks of dating during divorce.

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Confronting Tough Topics

Fearless Freedom addresses challenging issues like revenge porn, parental alienation, financial abuse, and more. Empower yourself to protect both you and your loved ones.

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Embrace Reinvention

Embrace change as a springboard for growth. Anne shares profound lessons on envisioning a vibrant future beyond divorce, cultivating happiness, and discovering freedom in your new life.

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A Sanctuary of Support

Written with warmth and understanding, this book creates a nurturing space for readers. Acknowledge the pain of divorce while building strength and resilience.

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“This book, authored by a seasoned divorce lawyer, is undoubtedly a remarkable contribution to the field. Its informative and groundbreaking nature sets it apart as an essential reference for anyone engaged in the divorce process. This work offers a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the intricacies of divorce proceedings, showcasing a deep understanding of the legal intricacies involved. In sum, a highly recommended resource for legal professionals and individuals navigating the challenging terrain of divorce.”

– Dan Taylor, JD, Taylor, Bean & Hamer

Fearless Freedom cover


To Anne Hamer

If you’re in Tennessee and need a compassionate divorce attorney, Anne Hamer is here for you. Reach out for more information and take the first step towards navigating your divorce journey with confidence.

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